Auxiliaries & Services

Auxiliaries & Services

As an added service to the industry the polymers division also provide extensive service and sales of supporting machinery to the Rubber industry.

Non-core materials such as release agents & liners also form part of this service and we even over other services, to include ISO implementation and consulting services.


C&W Polymers division represents the HF Mixing group & the VMI group whom together offer the most integrated supply of rubber mixing and tyre technology equipment.

HF Mixing group is the leading suppliers to the global rubber processing market.

These include Harburg-Freudenberger, Farrel Corporation and Pomini Rubber & Plastics Srl.

HF Mixing Group can look back over 150 years of engineering tradition. All of the significant innovations for the rubber processing industry, such as the invention of the Banbury® Mixer, the development of intermeshing rotor systems with fixed and variable rotor centers (VIC™) and tandem technology, originated within the companies of HF Mixing Group.

VMI is the world’s leading supplier of machinery and services to tire manufacturers in radial passenger, light truck, all steel radial truck, bus tires and off-the-road (OTR) tires specializing in the Technical rubber industry, Tire industry, and Tire retreading industry sectors.

The REP company has been selling injection molding machines since 1948. REP understands the importance of polymers and elastomers to industry and specializes in rubber injection/compression technology.

Release Agents

McLube. has been manufacturing high-technology mold releases and industrial lubricants since 1954. Their products include water and solvent-based release and antitack coatings and a full line of oils, greases and dry film lubricants. Through six decades of innovation, their products have earned an international reputation for performance and McLube people have earned world wide industry recognition as expert problem solvers. They’re specialists in assessing complex processes and unusual conditions, and developing solutions that work.

Release Liners

Release liners are used in the tyre industry to separate and safely store extruded components and compounds used in tyre building, i.e. where tack retention is important. Carst & Walker offers the full range of release liners produced by Dickson, as well as technical fabrics for bellows, safety and personal protection equipment.


We provide spares for following machinery:

  • HF-Mixing group machinery
  • VMI group machinery
  • Calemard machinery
Other Services

We offer fully integrated services to include consultancy for:

  • ISO implementation
  • Financial support
  • Technical issues
  • Start ups

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